Easy Cleaning Tips for Car Mats

Jan 11 2024
rubber car floor mats

    If you are an avid automobile enthusiast, you may already know the importance of having quality car mats in order to protect your vehicle’s floor from dirt, spills, and wear caused by heavy foot traffic. As important as it is to buy good mats for your car, it is also important to maintain them properly in the long run to make sure they withstand the test of time. So, whether you have BMW car mats or Toyota car mats, you need to clean them regularly following the correct techniques and suitable cleaning products. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a thorough understanding of your car mats and valuable tips for their regular cleaning process. 


    Why Shouldn’t You Ever Undermine the Importance of Cleaning Your Car Mats


    Let’s get it right - nobody likes a dirty car. However, considering the tropical climate of Singapore and the dust and dirt your shoes carry in, keeping your car’s interior clean can be a hefty task. Nevertheless, if you know how to cleanse your car mats, that will cover a major part of the process. Moreover, nowadays you can find easy-clean car mats. You can also get custom car mats in Singapore in your preferred materials, which will further simplify the task for you. If you are wondering why it is that important to keep your car mats clean, here are a few reasons among many,

    • Clean car mats protect your vehicle’s interior.
    • They maintain a hygienic environment for the driver and passengers.
    • Clean car floor mats enhance your vehicle’s appearance. 
    • Regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of your valuable car mats.


    Where to Begin?


    1. Gather the Cleaning Supplies

    Whether you have rubber car floor mats or polyester ones, first, you may gather everything you need for the cleaning process. Typically, the basic items you need will be a water hose, a bucket, some carpet cleaning product or a soap-based solution. However, depending on the condition of your mats, you can add items such as a stiff brush, a microfiber towel, baking soda or a white-vinegar solution, and also a vacuum cleaner to the list to level up your procedure to perfection.


    2. Remove the Mats from the Car

    Once you get your cleaning supplies in one place, carefully remove the mats from the car one by one. If there are any hooks, buttons, or velcro, make sure you don’t pull them apart forcefully, which can cause damage. Once the mats are out, shake them thoroughly in the air or vacuum them to remove dust particles, sand, and other tiny bits of dirt that would obstruct the washing procedure.


    3. Rinse off the Dirt

    Car floor mats - whether they are custom car mats or readily available ones, come in versatile materials. While 3A car mats are made of PVC, there are other types of car floor mats made from different materials, such as TPV and PVC Mesh. Similarly, carpet mats are made out of polyester. When rinsing off dirt from them, you need to consider the material of your car mats, as each type has its preferred rinsing method. 


    Stains on rubber car floor mats are easier to remove than those on carpet mats. If you have rubber-based mats, lay them on a hard surface and rinse off the dirt with water. Then apply the soap solution, scrub with a stiff brush, and rinse again until both sides of the mats are clean. 


    Carpet mats are easy to clean. You just need to wash them with water and your choice of carpet cleaner. As stains on the polyester material are stubborn in general, you may use a stiff brush to carefully scrub them off. Moreover, depending on the type of stain, you can use a vinegar solution or baking soda for further grim removal. However, make sure you don’t scrub too hard, as it can damage the surface of your carpet mats.


    4. Dry the Mats Well

    rubber car floor mats


    The final step of your car mat cleaning process is to dry the freshly cleaned mats properly. Even though the first thing that comes to your mind is to dry the mats in the sun, you need to know that placing them under harsh sunlight for a prolonged period can cause damage to their materials, such as weakening the components and fading the colours. For rubber car floor mats, you can use a microfiber towel to eliminate the moisture and then let them air dry. Moreover, you can put them under mild sunlight for a short period for natural disinfection and further drying. 


    Once your mats are perfectly dry, place them back in your car in the correct order, and spray some air freshener for a final touch. If you buy custom-made car mats from a reliable manufacturer, you can also check with them for special cleaning tips to keep your mats in pristine condition for a long period of time. 


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