What Do You Need to Know about Car Mats as an Automobile Owner?

Jan 15 2024
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    As a vehicle owner, it is always better to have a thorough understanding of each component of your automobile, including its accessories. Having in-depth knowledge of each part of your car will not only help you address issues immediately but also maintain its overall condition well in the long run. Among all accessories of a vehicle, car mats hold a special place as they act as frontline dirt trappers, contributing greatly to its interior cleanliness. In this article, we will make you aware of everything you need to know when you buy car mats in Singapore. As you read on, discover all factors related to car mats from the moment of their purchase to long-term maintenance. 


    Types and Materials of Car Mats in Singapore


    As you search through the plethora of car mats available on the market, you may come across numerous brands and types of mats. Depending on the type of your vehicle, you can either go for universal fits or get custom-made car mats tailored just for you. However, regardless of whether you purchase universal mats or custom car mats, you also need to pay close attention to their materials. 

    When buying car floor mats, some of the most common types available on the market will be the classic 3A Coil mats, PVC mats, EVA Foam Mats, rubber car mats, and carpet mats. While carpet mats significantly enhance the level of comfort in your car, rubber car mats are often considered cost-effective, durable, and easy to clean. If you buy car mats in Singapore, you need to consider the country’s tropical climate as well as the way you maintain your vehicle. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also get car mats customised in different materials, textures, and sizes.


    How to Maintain Your Car Mats?


    Buying car floor mats is not something you do several times a year. Therefore, as a responsible car owner, you need to know the proper methods of maintaining them in the long run. The maintenance procedure of your car mats depends on their types and materials. However, all types of car mats can be washed and dried without much hassle, allowing you to keep your car clean and hygienic at all times. 

    If you are wondering how often you should clean your car mats, the answer is simple. Unless you spill some food or drinks or get inside the car with muddy shoes, which can leave stubborn stains on your car mats, monthly cleaning would be ideal. However, if you ever leave a stubborn stain on them accidentally, it is advisable to address it immediately to avoid further damage. Most types of car mats can be rinsed with a soap solution and water, but certain varieties, such as luxurious carpet mats, may require carpet cleaner and other special products to retain them in their pristine condition. Moreover, if you make it a habit to take all of your car mats out and shake them well after every ride to get rid of the loose dirt, such as sand, it will surely cut down the efforts you will need to put into their monthly cleaning. 


    Customisation Options


    When you buy car mats in Singapore, you will have two options to choose from, as mentioned before. You can either go ahead with universal mats that fit a certain range of motor vehicles or get customised car mats from a reliable manufacturer. Most automobile enthusiasts prefer buying custom car floor mats, as they can get them tailored according to the right size of their vehicle while also aligning with their preferences of colour, material, and texture. Whether you want a sophisticated, professional look or a vibrant, cool swag for your car, leading car mat manufacturers in Singapore will give you the opportunity to choose everything from the colour and edging to the heel pad as you wish.


    Where to Buy Car Mats in Singapore?


    In Singapore, you will have multiple options to choose from when it comes to car mat shops. However, whether you walk into a store or buy car mats online, you need to choose a reliable manufacturer in order to receive the highest value and level of satisfaction for the money you spend. If you are unable to decide where to buy car mats in Singapore, you can simply check online and make a list of potential suppliers. Then, you may compare and contrast their customer reviews, rates, level of experience, varieties of car mats available, and the customisation options available before you make your pick. Remember, buying car floor mats is a task you need to do with care, so make sure you choose the right vendor before placing your order.


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